Our company has a verification license from Labor and Social Affairs Department and is ready to offer transferring services to departments, factories, ministries, private or governmental associations.
Establishers of this company are Mr. Ahmad Ramahran and Mr. Hossein Zomorrodi started their activities in 1355 with offering service to schools and factories under the name of “BOBY TOUR” .
After that in 5/8/1374 they registered an office under the title of :Babak Safar” with the reference number of 115206, in which the members have had the following positions: Mr Ramahran as a manager , Mr. Zomorrodi as Chairman of the Board and Mr. Ensafi as a deputy of chairman.
Suburban, within city and group traveling are the main activities of this company. This company has the official permission from The Union of Passenger.
Following the decision made by Shareholders, Mr. Hossein Zomorrodi assigned as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Ramahran as a Chairman of the Board and Mr. ensafi as a deputy of chairman.
Babak Safar company has been trying its best to do the transit assignments for companies, institutions, hospitals and private or governmental companies and with utilizing expertise skill in giving services could become one of the most well-known transportation companies. This company could register its name in a high ranked position of transportation union by receiving appreciation letters from private or governmental organs.